Subsidiary Company "CONTAINER TERMINAL ODESSA" of the company “HHLA INTERNATIONAL GMBH” (hereinafter SC “CTO”) is a high-tech multimodal complex for handling container cargo flows in Odessa Sea Port in the south of Ukraine.

At the same time SC “CTO” acknowledges that the production activity of the container terminal has an impact on the natural and social environment, recognizes the importance of the company’s environmental and social responsibility which includes the tasks of occupational and environmental safety, ensuring labour rights and high standards of labour safety, as well as taking into account the interests of local communities.

SC "CTO" has successfully completed the procedure "Environmental impact assessment of the company’s production activity" in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On environmental impact assessment" as evidenced by the "Conclusion on the environmental impact assessment of SC "CTO" " No:201812202477/11740, issued 23.05.19 by a state authorized body, DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES OF ODESSA REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATION. The company fulfils the requirements and recommendations of this Conclusion on a regular basis.

The company has adopted and implements ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY (can be found here), which applies to all aspects of production activity without exception, including interaction with contracting companies (can be found here “Environment Health Safety regulation on the procedure of access and on interaction with contractors”).

In order to ensure accounting and proper implementation of the principles of the abovementioned POLICY in daily activities, the company has developed an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) in accordance with the international standards ISO 45001: 2018 "Occupational health and safety system" and ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental management system" (corresponding IMS certification can be found here and here) ,which together in their content introduce an ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ESMS) in the understanding of international practice in the field of environmental and social protection.

The practical application of the IMS allows SC "CTO" to ensure the continuous implementation of the requirements of national legislation, international standards (ISO) and apply the experience of the best world industrial practices in the social and environmental protection field in the production process of the entire company, which is achieved through organizing and controlling execution of a set of targeted measures, clearly formulated and regular processes.

Our goal is not only to continue the successful business development in the container market of Ukraine, but also to achieve a leading position in the field of sustainable environmental and social management.

The responsible employee for the implementation of the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a leading engineer on environmental safety - Aleksandr Romanov.

Tel.: 00 38 729 41 75
e-mail: a.romanov@hhla-cto.com

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