SC CTO got the first 5000-teu container vessel, ZIM HAIFA

This is the biggest vessel of the line in the Black sea region.

On December 21 subsidiary company "Container Terminal Odessa" (SC CTO) of the German HHLA International GmbH accepted the first 5000-TEU vessel of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services ZIM HAIFA (5047 TEU capacity; 294,1 m long). This is the biggest vessel of the line in the Black sea region. The ship was berthed at the berth #2K of the new terminal.

Mr. Igor Tkachuk commented on the event:

Today, together with our strategic partner, Container Terminal Odessa we celebrate an upscale event, a call of the new ZIM service. For the Port Administration this vesselcall is as important as for the container terminaloperator, because we together share in a common course, promote development of foreign economic relations. Thanks to the new service SC CTO will be able to increase their container turnover and thus confirm their their title of a leader of container business in Ukraine. Besides opening a new service we have other reasons to be proud. First, December 13, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agreed documentation for further construction of the breawater, which is a part of the Quarantine mole project implemented together with SC CTO. I would like to remind that this is one of the largest infrastructure projects not only in the industry sector but in Ukraine. And at last, an equally joyful event: December 20 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the financialplan of SC ASPU for 2018. For the first time in recent years we received the main financial document not in the middle of the year and not late in autumn but before the New Year. We are grateful to the government that ASPU and all its branches got an opportunities to implement the planned projects.

Alexander Subik, the first deputy head of Odessa Port Administration opened an impromptu press-conference on occasion of the vessel call of the first ZIM HAIFA container vessel.

The call of the first ZIM vessel of 5000 TEU is a sign of how effective Port Administration is working with the German company Container Terminal Odessa. The company is growing and the proof of that is the new terminal where the 5000 TEU ship is being handled now. It is a reclaimed territory which is not yet protected from the wave impact.That is why it is soimportant that the Cabinet of Ministers approved the new project of the further construction of the breakwater. A contract was concluded with the contractor and midst of coming January the special equipment will arrive; the work will start in spring. The Administration will do everything the container terminal operator could safely and properly handle the vessels, the deputy head of ASPU Odessa affiliation said.

According to Mr. Anastas Kokkin, the General Manager of CTO the call of the first ZIM 5000 TEU vessel is a milestone.

Recently, ZIM is expanding their business in Ukraine, showing that the management believes in stabilizing the country's economy, reliability of our company and the Odessa port as a whole. For us it is a sign that the service we provide is close to the European level. The clients come to where comfortable business conditions are created and investments are made in the development of infrastructure ... Today, SC CTO is a leader on the domestic container market, both in terms of cargo volumes and in the intensity of ship handling. Depending on the dimensions of the vessel and cargo planning, operators of three container cranes can do up to 90 movements per hour on the new quay of the Quarantine mole. . Modern equipment allows processing ships of the BosphorMax type (ships that can pass through the Bosporus) ... The calls of larger container ships allow the CTO to significantly increase the volume of container handling ... The year that is now ending was not easy for us. Nevertheless we hope handle more than 290 000 TEU, Mr.Kokkin said.

Further, the CEO of the terminal operator thanked the ASPU management, the administration of the Odessa Port and personally the head of Odessa affiliation of the ASPU, Mr. Igor Tkachuk for assistance in approving the new draft of the breakwater construction project by the Cabinet of Ministers. "The budget is funded, the project has been approved. We expect that in spring of 2018 the port administration will resume the construction of the breakwater and complete it in 2021. Next year our company plans to continue the development of the new territory on the Quarantine Mole within the agreement concluded with the ASPU ... "

As Mr. Igor Yarovenko, Executive Director of SC CTO, noted, "The fact that ZIM put a 5000 TEU vessel oon the service we have been working with for several years is the result of the client-oriented policy of the terminal and attests to the positive assessment of the prospects of the Ukrainian container transportation market by our client. From our part, SC CTO will continue to provide a service of the highest class, in compliance with the standards of the leading terminal operators in Europe."

INFORMATION. Container Terminal Odessa is a subsidiary of HHLA International GmbH and is part of the group of one of the leading logistics holdings in Europe - the German company HHLA AG (Hamburg). Since 2010, the company together with the ASPU represented by the Administration of the Odessa port is constructing a new container terminal (19.3 hectares of reclaimed territory, a 650 m of the berthing line equipped with three modern Liebherr STS cranes capable of handling vessels with a capacity of up to 10,000 TEU). The first stage of the terminal was put into operation in 2014. The total investment volume of the Quarantine Mole project was 5 billion UAH. (in the calculation of 2014). In 2017, about 40% of cargo flow was processed at the berths of the new terminal.

Being one of the largest German investors not only in the port industry, but also in Ukraine as a whole, SC CTO over the past years has invested more than 1 billion Hryvnia in the development of the Odessa port infrastructure. For 17 years of work in Odessa port the company has processed about 5 million TEU.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is one of the oldest and stable partners of SC CTO container terminal operator in the port of Odessa.

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