The leader of Ukrainian container market sets records, mass media

Published by "" February 01 2022

Container volumes handled in 2021 at the berths No. 2, 1K and 2K of Odessa port operated by HHLA CONTAINER TERMINAL ODESSA was 390 808 TEU, i.e. with 5,1% growth compared to 2020. In December 2021 HHLA CTO handled 37 856 TEU which is an absolute record of monthly container handling at Ukrainian terminals for the last 12 years. This is proved by operational information of SC Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine (SC ASPU), according to UNIAN.

"Despite unfavorable ambient factors related first of all to the complicated epidemiological situation in the world and breakdowns of logistic chains which has even resulted in certain reduction of container cargo volume on Ukrainian market in 2021 as compared to 2020, last year the company increased container turnover in TEU by 5,1% at the expense of development of existing and attraction of the new services of our customers who are happy to enjoy high-quality CTO service under the European standards", Mr. Anastas Kokkin, General Director of HHLA CTO comments.

"In August 2021 Medkon container line opened a new weekly service at the terminal, which provides significant opportunities to increase container volumes. Besides, late last year our numerous clients received expected upgrade of the modern and state-of-the-art web-service of HHLA CTO; first of all the new module of the web-portal has been launched to execute electronic orders for loading containers onto the vessels that demonstrates successful continuation of the implementation of modern IT solutions by the terminal and digitalization of documentation flows", Mr. Yarovenko, Executive Commercial Director of HHLA CTO told us.

Please be reminded, that HHLA Container Terminal Odessa is a subsidiary of the German logistic holding HHLA AG (with a head office in Hamburg, Germany). They have been operated container terminal of Odessa port since 01.07.2001 and are national leaders in port container handling and one of the leading players of Black sea container market. The company is one of the largest foreign investors in the industry: over past 20 years more than 170 MIO Euros have been invested in development of the port capacity. The company is one of the biggest tax payers in Odessa region, total amount of taxes and dues paid to the budgets of all levels is more than 3 billion UAH.

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