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THE COMPANY'S MAJOR CAPITAL - ITS PEOPLE: in Odessa port all pedestrian checkpoints were equipped with intercoms to ensure a “non-contact” access mode

According to Odessa branch of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (OB SE ASPU), 6-7 thousand employees of public and private companies pass through the port’s pedestrian checkpoints every day. In circumstances of the pandemic threat related to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the port administration has specified a list of professions of employees of OB SE “ASPU” that are at the greatest epidemic risk. These are, first of all, employees of the seaport security detachment (SPSD), the port pass office, the medical unit and other units which have personal contact with a large number of people during the shift. For these categories of personnel, additional safety measures are being promptly taken.

In particular, last week, all pedestrian checkpoints of the port and windows for visitors’ service at the pass office were equipped with intercoms (talk-back devices) for “non-contact” communication with employees and visitors of the port. In the next day or two, the same devices will be installed in the registry window of the port's medical unit and at the Checkpoint-0 of the Dry Port (LLC “Euroterminal”), where the port tallymen communicate with truck drivers – of container and grain trucks. The prompt procurement of intercoms and the full range of installation and adjusting of electronic equipment for intercoms were carried out by SC “Container Terminal Odessa” - a subsidiary of the German logistics concern HHLA (headquarters - Hamburg), one of the leading stevedoring companies of the port.

- We have always been confident and declared this at all levels - private stevedoring companies of Odessa port are an association of socially responsible business in all respects: in the field of providing highly paid jobs, in the field of environmental care, improving the urban environment, and so on,” said in this regard the head of OB SE “ASPU” Ruslan Sakhautdinov. - The prompt acquisition of a sufficient number of intercoms for checkpoints showed the cohesion of the port's business structures in the face of a global threat. On the whole, the scale of aid that our stevedores have provided in terms of modernizing the sanitary-quarantine infrastructure of the port, to volunteer organizations of the city, to veterans - not working pensioners of the company, who do not leave their homes due to quarantine, is even difficult to evaluate. The port administration is sincerely grateful to our business partners for their humanity, mercy, professional and quick actions during the emergency declared by the Ukrainian Government...

As R. Sakhautdinov further noted, technical support and monitoring of compliance with the regulations for the installation and adjusting of intercoms at checkpoints is carried out by the engineers of the information technology service of OB SE “ASPU”. They will also monitor compliance with the conditions of operating the specified equipment.

Administration of Odessa Seaport

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